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Perfect skin after the first cycle of use

  • Wrinkles


  • Elasticity


  • Lifting


  • A vitamin


    for your skin

  • Hydration

    for 48 hours

  • Smooth


  • Smoothes

    mimic lines

    and deep wrinkles

  • Smoothes

    mimic lines

    and deep wrinkles

Main skin problems after age 30

  • Loss of firmness, wrinkled skin
    in 88% of women
  • Large pores and irritated skin

    in 83% of women
  • First deep wrinkles
    in 71% of women
  • Uneven complexion
    in 44% of women
* according to research conducted among 1,590 women aged 30 to 60 in the 38 countries

A visible effect

in a few


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A breakthrough in rejuvenation

Pure spring water, a carefully balanced composition and a dozen active plant ingredients provide intense anti-aging care and make your skin young again.
Innovative cosmetology solutions
give visible results in just a few days.
  • INTENSKIN cream has a light texture that sets it apart from other similar products. Give yourself a gift - the luxury of delicate skin care that repairs the skin!

  • Thanks to the light floral fragrance, daily care becomes a pleasant ritual.

The causes of aging skin

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    Estrogen deficiency

    Estrogen makes skin smooth, toned and even-toned. Levels of this hormone decrease with age.

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    Stress and nervousness

    Estrogen makes skin smooth, toned and even-toned. Levels of this hormone decrease with age.

  • Echantillon creme anti ride
    Lack of collagen

    Collagen gives your skin the ability to recover. Collagen deficiency causes dullness and a V-shaped face.

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    Environmental impact

    Harmful substances in the air and water clog pores and cause inflammation.

4 easy steps to rejuvenated skin
Echantillon de creme gratuit Creme échantillon
1. Cleaning
Prepare your skin for the application of skincare products by gently removing make-up.
2. Hydration
Apply tonic lotion to a cotton pad and wipe the skin using circular circular movements.
3. Nutrition
INTENSKIN cream nourishes and repairs facial skin, restoring its youthful beauty day after day.
4. Results
From the first days of using INTENSKIN, your complexion will be healthier. The cream smoothes wrinkles and gives comfort to your skin.

The secret of efficiency

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Avocado oil
The beta-carotin, protein, lecithin, fatty acids and vitamins A, D and E contained in avocado oil help moisturize and protect your skin against the damaging action of UV rays, and increase collagen metabolism.
Hyaluronic acid
Hyaluronic acid can boost hydration better than any other substance; at the same time, it revitalizes the skin's outer layers by softening, smoothing and, above all, moisturizing them! That's how this ingredient reduces fine facial lines and deep wrinkles.
The regenerating extracts are produced without alcohol, alkaline substances or glycerin.
The cream contains as many beneficial ingredients as possible, thanks to the natural way in which it is produced. Nature itself gives INTENSKIN cream its energy.

Complex effect

INTENSKIN makes your skin healthy and firm, eliminating wrinkles and imperfections.

  • Hydration and nutrition
    Vitamins and minerals restore the skin's natural radiance. Regular moisturizing ensures a healthy complexion.
  • Smoothing
    Proactive substances eliminate wrinkles on the face and around the eyes. Skin becomes smoother, the face returns to its natural V-shape.
  • Protection
    Proactive substances and sun filters protect the skin against the undesirable effects of the environment. Wrinkles and a dull complexion don't stand a chance.


No. 1 skin rejuvenation cream

Complex restoration
facial skin

Women's testimonials

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    • after
    Annie, 37
    Perfect skin after the first cycle of use
    I didn't have deep wrinkles, but lots of mimic lines and my complexion wasn't ideal either. With INTENSKIN cream, the wrinkles have disappeared and my complexion has become so fresh that I now look less than thirty.
  • Tester des creme gratuitement
    • before
    • after
    Cécile, 39
    Perfect skin after the first cycle of use
    I bought INTENSKIN not long ago and I'm already pleased with the effect - face toned, wrinkles reduced. What's more, my pores have tightened. I now admire myself every time I stand in front of a mirror. But the most important thing is that the effect is visible after two days.
  • Creme gratuit
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    • after
    Marie, 44
    Perfect skin after the first cycle of use
    After the age of 40, skin just doesn't look the same, and I didn't think a cream could help. But INTENSKIN really works - the face looks toned, the complexion is no longer dull, the wrinkles disappear. I'm really pleased.
Complete hydration of the skin's deeper layers was achieved after just a few applications.
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Recommended by experts

Recevez gratuitement des produits Tester gratuitement des produits INTENSKIN cream has proven its effectiveness. Its essential advantage is a complex skin care product. The cream can be used as a complete facial skin rejuvenation program , but also as a preventive treatment. Wrinkles are smoothed out perfectly and the complexion regains its radiance. I recommend this cream to those who want to improve the quality of their skin and need to protect it against undesirable environmental effects. After all, dry, flaky skin can become wrinkled in a matter of days, and it's so difficult to smooth out those fine lines afterwards.

Catherine Mathieu

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